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About the Nick Bill Memorial Fund

This website has been created in memory of Nick Bill who sadly passed away on the 27th March 2008 aged just 21.

Nick had been battling dilated cardiomyopathy since going into heart failure in June 2007. Nick had a LVAD pump inserted in June 2007 and was taking medication to try to recover his heart. Nick’s recovery was brilliant, and doctors of Harefield Hospital in Middlesex decided his heart had recovered enough to remove the LVAD pump. Tragically complications arose during the explant and Nick eventually lost his life to a brain haemorrhage two weeks after the operation.

Nick was an amazing person, one of the kindest, nicest people around best friend to many, and missed by all. Nick led a very active life he enjoyed playing and watching most sports, regularrly played tennis and represented Swansea University in the BUSA tennis leagues. Nick was very bright, regularly "aceing" exams at school and college, and just before his heart failure Nick graduated from Swansea University with a 2:1 honours degree in Law.

This website was originally created to celebrate Nick’s short life, however since Nick’s death in 2008, his father John Bill set up the Nick Bill Memorial Fund activily raising money and awareness for heart disease in the young.

The Nick Bill Memorial Fund raises money and awareness in aid of heart disease

Photo’s of Nick:

  •  - UPLOADED BY lou
  • Nicks first visit to outer space - UPLOADED BY Paul Bill
  •  - UPLOADED BY Carl
  •  - UPLOADED BY Carl
  • Leeds fest! Muse, one of the best gigs - UPLOADED BY Paul Bill
  • Nick and Mike with short hair - UPLOADED BY Paul Bill
  •  - UPLOADED BY Carl
  • My Bro - UPLOADED BY Paul Bill
  • Taken while we were walking towards Uni for the 2006 Summer Ball - UPLOADED BY Tom Bradley
  •  - UPLOADED BY Carl
  • Martin, Soph, Dad, Nick and Sarah - UPLOADED BY Paul Bill
  •  - UPLOADED BY lou
  • James, Paul, Wendy and Nick - UPLOADED BY Nick at daves wedding
  • On the beach in Looe - UPLOADED BY Carl
  • He loved his Big Tastys! - UPLOADED BY Paul Bill
  •  - UPLOADED BY Carl
  • Crabbing - UPLOADED BY Carl
  • Orange Tree - UPLOADED BY Paul Bill
  •  - UPLOADED BY Alison Strain
  •  - UPLOADED BY Tom Bradley
  • Reaction shot! - UPLOADED BY Paul Bill
  • This night out in Swansea was hillarious - I remember Mike tripping over a park bench and then we all jumped on top of some phone boxes! - UPLOADED BY Nick Shepherd
  •  - UPLOADED BY Carl
  • Getting the hair done - UPLOADED BY Paul Bill
  •  - UPLOADED BY Tom Bradley
  • Nick at the gay canadain circus! - the only canada is french canada... - UPLOADED BY Paul Bill
  • Leeeeeds 06 - UPLOADED BY Mikey2hottie
  • Camping in Looe - UPLOADED BY Carl
  •  - UPLOADED BY Carl
  •  - UPLOADED BY Carl
  •  - UPLOADED BY Carl
  •  - UPLOADED BY Alison Strain
  •  - UPLOADED BY Carl
  • Nick Rob and Tommy - UPLOADED BY Paul Bill
  •  - UPLOADED BY Carl
  •  - UPLOADED BY Carl
  •  - UPLOADED BY Carl
  •  - UPLOADED BY Carl
  •  - UPLOADED BY Mikey T
  •  - UPLOADED BY Carl
  •  - UPLOADED BY Emma Orlinski
  • Me and Nick at Wimbledon Court 1.... Wheres the bold dude?! - UPLOADED BY Paul Bill
  •  - UPLOADED BY Nick and Soph
  •  - UPLOADED BY Lou
  • Big Maurice Robinson Sports rackets - UPLOADED BY Paul Bill
  •  - UPLOADED BY Alison Strain
  • Missing you homey - UPLOADED BY Mikey T
  • Hanging out with the pirate - UPLOADED BY Carl
  •  - UPLOADED BY Alison Strain
  •  - UPLOADED BY Carl
  •  - UPLOADED BY Carl
  •  - UPLOADED BY Carl
  •  - UPLOADED BY Carl
  • In Swansea for Nicks 21st - UPLOADED BY Carl
  •  - UPLOADED BY lou
  •  - UPLOADED BY Carl
  •  - UPLOADED BY Carl
  •  - UPLOADED BY Paul Bill
  •  - UPLOADED BY Paul Bill
  •  - UPLOADED BY Paul Bill
  •  - UPLOADED BY Carl
  • Nick and Ash - UPLOADED BY Paul Bill
  • Endless dinghy fun - UPLOADED BY Carl
  • Table tennis.... so many matches - UPLOADED BY Paul Bill
  •  - UPLOADED BY Tom Bradley
  •  - UPLOADED BY Ben
  •  - UPLOADED BY Carl

Tributes for Nick:

  • Its taken me a while to find the right words to leave for you on here because you were such an amazing person, there just arent enough words in the world to describe just how much, but Im going to try my best! Ive known you my entire life; weve celebrated birthdays togehter, been on holidays together, celebrated the new year together & generally just spent many a happy time together. I simply cannot believe that I am never ever going to see you again. You were the most amazingly special, kind-hearted gentle soul, with the best sense of humour & you were always such a clever bod! i remember you helping me with my as level maths when i didnt have a clue & you were patient with me & helped me to understand. I bet theres nobody in the world that could say a bad word against you. You were always so brave & never pessemistic, even until the end. You lived your life to the full & never let anything get you down. I think about you all the time, & like everyone else am missing you like crazy. I never quite got to be one of the boys i was too much of a girly girl for that, but in a way you feel like you were part of my extended family, you were my god-brother. You will never ever be forgotten & will always be in our hearts. xxx
    By Jean , posted on Friday the 25 of April 2008 at 15:38
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  • Hey captain, Iv been putting off writing to you because I still cant believe u are gone, you are my best friend and I miss you everyday. I miss getting stupid texts off you that make me laugh and I miss knowing your there when I need cheering up. Whenever i think of you I cant help but remember something funny, because with you around we always smile, everything was funny due to your one liners and amazing humor. I miss arguing with you about the posters in your room and wether they are tasteful or not, and dancing on the webcam to loud music, wearing your rocky gown and a princess crown, putting of doing uni work! You never worried what anyone else thort of you, ur ever changing hair proved that, and yet it was my hair colour you made fun of and questioned its naturalness. I dont know anyone as brave as you Nick, you have shown me and many more just how strong and determined we should be. You have always been such a popular guy, which is due to your ability to make everyone feel welcome, and your patience above all ment you had time to be everybodies best freind! I love you so much buddy x sweetdreams x
    By Lou , posted on Tuesday the 29 of April 2008 at 8:50
  • happy birthday buddy! today more than any day, today i will laugh at the good times we shared and raise a glass to our best friend! lots of love lou x
    By laura vernon , posted on Monday the 16 of June 2008 at 10:29
  • Nick I just heard the tragic news. I hadnt seen you for a while, but you were in my politics class in college and I saw you again on the circle line challenge a couple of summers ago. We said we would have a game of tennis at Blossomfield but we never got round to it. So sad to hear you have gone, though I didnt know you that well you always seemed like a nice guy.
    By Steve H , posted on Monday the 14 of April 2008 at 16:39
  • Nick, Im still trying to come to terms with everything. Cant quite believe whats happened, every time I see a picture of you, think of something you would say or remember something about you I just feel gutted your not here. I can only hold on to all my happy memories, for which I am so grateful. Buddy, you still make me laugh more than anyone else I know. I dont think anyone will ever be able to make me laugh better than you, I know Ill be smiling about things youve done for the rest of time. Youll never be forgotten, Ill be trying (and probably failing) to tell people just how funny and amazing you were. You really were the best friend anyone could wish for. It goes without saying that youll be missed forever. Laters buddy. Mike
    By Mike , posted on Sunday the 20 of April 2008 at 21:16
  • To me Nick you will ever be that young boy with the mischievous face and sparkly eyes who used to peep over the desk at Shelly House on one of your many visists over the years. You got taller and my desk got smaller but the cheeky face and smiling eyes never changed! Clearly, the world is going to be a sadder place without you.
    By H , posted on Wednesday the 9 of April 2008 at 13:21
  • Happy Birthday Nick! I cant believe its already been a year since we played Mario Power Strikers in that smelly living room in Birla house! Thinking of you, Nick
    By Nick Shepherd , posted on Monday the 16 of June 2008 at 18:40
  • I was lucky enough to know you 14 years, ever since you joined the junior school and I showed you around. You feature in the vast majority of my great memories over the years, whether its the holidays, the festivals or just hanging out back at home. Your sense of humour and one-liners always brought laughs from those around you. It is far easier to find people willing to enjoy the good times with you, the mark of a true friend is the support that they give you during the bad times. Above all others you were the person I turned to when I needed that support. Irrespective of anything you were, without fail, always there for me. The loyalty and support you gave me was absolute, as it was to all your friends and family. Nick, you were, quite simply, my best friend and I miss you every day. Whenever people think of you they cannot help but be struck by your courage and positivity, throughout your life but, especially over the last year when it was astounding. It never wavered and taught all who knew you something about how to live life. I once heard someone say Its not the time you have thats important, its what you do with it that counts. Rest easy mate, for you lived very well.
    By Carl Robbins , posted on Wednesday the 16 of April 2008 at 12:23
  • Hey Nick, it seems strange to think of all that has happened over the last few weeks, and I cant really get my head around it! I still keep waiting for you to text me a funny line from a film or comedy that I know we will both be watching, which we seemed to do almost every night! Im constantly thinking about when I first met you back in year 3, when we appeared to be more or less inseparable. I can remember sitting outside your house for ages on Sundays waiting for you to get back from wherever you’d been with your family, even though I only lived across the road. Those many times we played table tennis and footie on your drive will always be in my memory, along with the disaster that was us attempting to rollerblade! I feel so fortunate to have gone to university with you, and to of spent many more hilarious moments with you. I will never forget the times you’d walk up to girls in clubs with absolutely no fear and reel off the worst chat up lines in history, and still have the courage to repeat this on many an occasion. Mostly I will miss you for being yourself whenever and wherever you were; you had the ability to bring so many people together with your quick wit and one liners, which had everyone in stitches! You have shown so much strength over the last few years, and I miss you terribly! You were such a great friend to so many people, and always made plenty of time for your family and friends which I admire you for greatly. You are my best friend!
    By Ben W , posted on Sunday the 27 of April 2008 at 21:10
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  • Nick, I was so sorry to hear only yesterday that you were no longer with us. I treasured all my pupils and what I remember most about you is your smile. You were a good friend to so many and your going will leave a gap in their lives, but also many happy memories, and for that they will be grateful. Im sure they will continue to support your family also and they will have comfort in knowing how much love you generated. God Bless you and all your friends and family.
    By Mrs Pye, Head of Year at Arden , posted on Thursday the 15 of May 2008 at 19:30
  • although i never knew Nick, i do know his mother Anne, she taught my sons Joe and Sam Walmsley @ Shirley Heath, i would just like to say to all the family how very, very sorry i am to hear of this very sad loss, if Nick was anything like his mother, then i know he would have been a very kind and gentle person, whom i am sure was a credit to his parents, as is his brother. with deepest sympathy xx
    By Denise walmsley , posted on Tuesday the 15 of April 2008 at 17:35
  • Nick, It is so hard to believe what’s happened. I still expect you to come halfway down the stairs to tell us your news as you’ve always done with that broad grin, a twinkle in your eyes and a witty remark or two. You are such an inspiration. Despite all your difficulties, you never complained or gave up. No matter what happened, your determination to achieve whatever goals you set never faltered. Few people could have shown the strength you have. I am so proud to have known you. I miss you so much. Save a slice of cheesecake for me Kid!
    By Michele xxx , posted on Tuesday the 15 of April 2008 at 21:46
  • I worked with Nick at Maurice Robinson Sports when he started working on a Saturday and then during all his college and university holidays. I was very sad to hear of the tradgic news. Nick was a lovely, gentle and quiet guy who was a pleasure to be around and work with. I can remember fondly our many conversations about the show 24 and what had happened in the latest episode. Nick, i did laugh the day you said to me michelle id really love to be Jack Bauer it would be so cool Another fond memory i have of you, is wondering what hair colour you would come into work with next!!! The Black was definitely the worst and you took many a joke about it, especially when your roots had grown and Paul said you looked like a bumble bee, I laughed for weeks about that one. Nick you were part of a lovely family and will be sadly missed but you live on in all our memories. Rest in peace Nick love Michelle
    By Michelle Jones , posted on Thursday the 17 of April 2008 at 15:53
  • Nick, every memory of my childhood seems to involve you Paul and Matt. From kicking a football about our garden, birthday parties at norman green, all the silly games at the wacky warehouse, tennis at bloss, the hours spent on the megadrive, N64, gamecube playing mario golf/tennis/party (the list of games is endless). As we got older the meals with our parents, the trips to the pub and how can i forget the brilliant holidays: Italy, Les Gets and the Gower. You were always there, a role model for matt and I with the cheeky smile the quick wit and so many different hair cuts!! Thank you for all these memories- you are very sadly missed! xxx
    By M , posted on Wednesday the 16 of April 2008 at 12:41
  • Nick I was your Form tutor at Arden School for five years ,from 1997 to2002 . I saw you develop from a young boy of 11 to a wonderful young man of 16 . It was a priviledge to have known you for such a long time . You were always such a quiet member of my form yet you possessed a lovely sense of humour and were so very loyal to all your friends . You were always kind , caring and generous . It was a pleasure to have had you in my form . I only found out yesterday and I was so sad to have missed your funeral . How wonderful that so many people were touched by you in your lifetime . They were very blessed to have known you I know I was Nick . God bless . Love from Mrs H xx
    By Keren Halton , posted on Thursday the 10 of April 2008 at 13:1
  • I dont know where to start, I met you through a friend and never looked back. Youre an amazing guy. You made law revision fun. Your notes were a bugger to read, but going over stuff with me and sharing our seminar notes and revising together saved my sanity, and possibly my degree. I still owe you a pint of Guinness for helping me move house! I guess one of my strongest and clearest memories of you; most likely burnt into my retinas, is the day you came to lectures with a fluorescent green t-shirt on and what seemed to be fluorescent yellow hair! Not only did it keep me awake, it kept me smiling. Thank you Nick, your an inspiration.
    By Sarah , posted on Tuesday the 8 of April 2008 at 22:56
  • I always new I was going to write a website for you, but I thought was going to be a website for your Phoenix Wright style law firm! Really none of this has sunk in with me yet. This never seemed like an option when you were in hospital and still feels unreal now, over a week later. Just feels like a really bad dream everyone is trying to wake up from. What makes your death even harder to bear is that this tragedy couldn’t have happened to a nicer, friendlier person. You always enjoyed a good laugh with me, even if sometimes it was at the expense of your hair! You were kind, funny, honest, never said a bad word about anyone and a best friend to many people including me. It’s hard to think of any memories I have that don’t involve you; our holidays when we were younger, our days at school, our tennis at Bloss, the Leeds music festival, the hours of films we watched, and the many computer games we played. What I will always remember and admire about you the most was the unbelievable bravery and courage you demonstrated during your time at hospital and when facing your final operation. Even when you knew how hard it would be to recover from an operation like that again, you showed no fear and did not moan nor complain once. Nick you will live on in my memory, the memories of our family and your many amazing friends.
    By Paul Bill , posted on Sunday the 6 of April 2008 at 18:18
  • It been quite a long time since I saw you last, but me you and Paul grew up together and I have a lot of memories from our younger years. As Paul said many many games of tennis at bloss, think you and Paul used to beat me most of the time and but hey, it was all good fun. You were always bubbly and up for a laugh. You will be greatly missed by everyone and it was a pleasure to have you as a friend.
    By Matthew Field , posted on Wednesday the 9 of April 2008 at 18:16
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